President's Message

Esteemed Patent and Trademark Attorneys,

The profession of Patent and Trademark Attorneyship gained a legal status upon the enactment of the Decree-Law no. 544 on the Establishment and Functions of the Turkish Patent Institute established on June 24, 1994. The law numbered 6769 that has entered into force on the date of 10.01.2017 introduced Disciplinary Rules and Provisions for Patent and Trademark Attorneyship.

As of April 2020, the number of active Trademark and Patent Attorneys registered to the Register of Patent and Trademark Attorneys of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office is 1057, and 675 respectively. The number of attorneys who actively practice attorneyship in Turkey is 1128.

As the Administrative Board elected during the Ordinary General Assembly dated February 21, 2020, of our Association, we would like to express that our priorities include ensuring a more effective legal infrastructure for our profession by cooperating with national and international institutions, organizations, and non-governmental organizations with respect to our work items and agenda, promoting and improving professional cooperation among colleagues, and taking necessary steps to be able to offer better services to both domestic and foreign clients in a more productive and efficient manner.

In addition to the aforementioned priorities, our objectives further include;

to increase the number of members to further fortify the ranks of our association and to conduct our activities more efficiently,

to enhance the knowledge and experience of our colleagues both new to and experienced in the profession by organizing various activities like seminars, symposiums, conferences regarding our profession on both national and international scale,

to offer training programs to patent and trademark attorney candidates before Trademark and Patent Attorney Qualifying Examinations held every two years by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office,

to provide assistance in settlement of disputes arising among attorneys, as well as between attorneys and Turkish Patent and Trademark Office,

to promote and improve cooperation by organizing joint activities with institutions, which are directly or indirectly related to our profession, such as the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Justice, Universities, Bar Associations as well as other professional organizations,

to organize excursions to various countries in order to examine industrial property systems of foreign countries on site and to improve relations with our colleagues located in foreign countries, and

to improve international professional efficiency and communication by organizing national and international meetings are among our other objectives.

The reports we receive from you with regards to the issues you experience and your suggestions for the development of our profession are crucial for the efficiency of our endeavors. As it was in the past, we plan to hold periodical meetings in the future to be able to identify such issues and to discuss suggestions.

We would like to see our esteemed colleagues join us as members, and to support our endeavors and make contributions. We believe that together we can achieve much greater successes.

On behalf of the Administrative Board of the Association of Patent and Trademark Attorneys (PEM), I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who made contributions and endeavored for the professionalization and development of the profession of Patent and Trademark Attorneyship as well as to all directors who served in Administrative and Supervisory Boards of our Association to the date and extend my sincere regards to my esteemed colleagues.

April 2020


Association of Patent and Trademark Attorneys, President of the Administrative Board


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