Who is called an Attorney?

In recent years, who is called a Patent and/or Trademark Attorney and how the profession of Attorneyship is practiced have been brought forward in various ways and on several different platforms.

Consequently, the uncertainty emerged before the individuals relevant to the subject necessitated to make a brief clarification regarding the definition of Patent and Trademark Attorneyship as well as the work fields of this profession.

Patent and Trademark Attorneyship is a profession included in the tertiary sector and often practiced by experts who are authorized to conduct respective transactions (in the subjects of inventions, patents, utility models, designs, trade and service marks, geographical indications, traditional product names, integrated circuit topographies) on behalf of applicants before Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and who act as consultants and attorneys in the matter of protection of these rights.

The requisites of becoming a Patent and Trademark Attorney are;

to have attained a bachelor’s degree from any college/university that provides a four-year higher education program,

to pass Patent and Trademark Attorney Qualifying Exams of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office held every two years, and

to be registered to the Register of Patent and Trademark Attorneys of Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

Attorneys should be well-versed in industrial property rights in addition to corresponding technical and legal topics to be able to duly prepare respective applications and should have command over at least one foreign language to be able to file international registration applications.

Ensuring that the profession of Patent and Trademark Attorneyship, which is listed among the crucial occupational groups in all of the developed countries, is practiced in line with ethical principles by experts in this field plays a vital role in both setting up and effectively implementing an Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights System in Turkey.

Patent and Trademark Attorney Qualifying Exams are held in two stages every two years (every odd year). "General Proficiency Exam", which is the first stage of Attorney Qualifying Exams is usually held in October or November in odd years. The second stage of Attorney Qualifying Exams, i.e. "Professional Competency Exam", is usually held in January or February in even years.

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